Gift Giving From The Heart

February 01, 2017

Perfect, Romantic, Unique, Valentine's Gift for Women and Men

Gift giving from the heart, oh boy where to start. Gift giving can sometimes be a stressful endeavor. No matter the occasion, we find ourselves searching high and low for just the right gift. Oh, the stress! In reality, most people receiving gifts are just touched to be in your thoughts. It is a great opportunity to express our thoughts and love for those important to us. If you are stressing out, it’s time for a gift-giving reset.

Imagine for a moment that your mom’s high-end vacuum broke. You may think that buying her a new $500 vacuum would be a fabulous gift. Because the gift is coming from you, she is sure to like it. However, what if you gave her a store bought gift card with an included note that says, “You deserve a break, let me take you to lunch!” Or, how about creating a card from scratch that says, “You deserve to be pampered. Let me cook dinner for you tonight.” Simple and thoughtful. Gift giving doesn't have to stress you out, or break the bank. Keep it simple and thoughtful.

How about the teenager in your life? What do teenagers like? Perhaps a free pass or get out of jail card. Why not a 30 or 60 minute extension on their curfew. Maybe a card that says they can eat something (anything) other than what you made for dinner. How about giving your teenager a take the day off coupon. No chores for the day, play video games all day, or sleep-in. You get the idea. Get creative with your ideas.

Put yourself in their shoes and think about what would be meaningful to them. Most people love when you dig into your heart, rather than your wallet, and give something that is special to them. If you aren’t creative, that’s okay. There are many websites, like Pinterest and other retailer websites, that can get the creative juices flowing. You may even find the perfect gift, DIY craft, recipe or idea on these sites. Have fun with it and give from the heart.

Valentines’ Day is the perfect opportunity to remind others they are special in our lives. Take some time, give it some thought, and your sure to find the perfect, heartfelt gift.


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